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Fluid Peegees and Coneflowers Summer Garden, II Boats on the Cove
Summer Garden, I You're Making Me Blush! "...And The Rains Fall Soft Upon Your Fields" May The Sun Shine Warm Upon Your Face

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Plein air Painting in SW France; May 15-25, 2015- NEW

Livraison de Fleurs en Vélo! - Oil

"Livraison de fleurs en vélo" - Flowers & bicycles in France! - (sold)

I knew from last summer's trip over to France that I would return again some day.  I'd love to share these views with you. The flowers, the rolling hills, the old stone architecture, the wonderful produce markets and fresh food. Read more......


Come join me next year, May 15 - 25th, 2015


Click here to learn more and register....


 "The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them but that they seize us."

- Ashley Montagu




I find the textural quality of paint an exciting element of painting as much as design, composition, and color.  From travels around the world, or just around the garden every day life is always an inspiration!  Evoking an emotional response to a 'sense of place' is a great thrill for me.   I use palette knife by itself or in a combination with a variety of brushes to reach my desired aim in my paintings.

My deepest gratitude to my collectors and friends for all your encouragement, blessings and love along my artistic journey. 

I follow my bliss, and continue to paint.
- Roxanne Steed

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